Monday, 24 December 2012

Can Facebook Take You For A Free World Tour? Well, Of Course It Can

“Tell me the last time you logged-out from Facebook?” No, there’s no typo in this question. I am indeed talking about “logging-out” and not “logging-in”. Seeing the world around, perhaps this makes much more sense. Your Twitter Followers or Facebook Friends have become the key determiners of your social skills. Be it interaction, or fun, or entertainment, or education, social media has become a source for your various cognitive needs.

Taking this intense engagement with social media further, imagine meeting your earnest desire of traveling and seeing the world by simply logging into Facebook. Let’s play with that imagination a bit more. How about feeling the hustle-bustle of Spanish streets, or in the South-East Asia, or seeing the tranquil Norwegian landscapes, as if you’re touring these places in real? Not just that, what if I say that highly reliable guides will there at your service?

Rout-e has given a real tangible shape to that imagination. It’s a Facebook Game engineered to connect you to the world while you’re playing it on your mobile sitting cozily in your living room. The app integrates map as the landing page which features routes clustered across different regions. Each route has been handpicked by MediaAgility Travel Consultants and subsequently corroborated with map routes, and Street View imagery. So, in addition to having a walk on the routes, you can see how a particular route looks like in real. What all fall in the way, what type of architecture is prominent there, what people wear, and other such knick-knackeries.

Now, let’s talk about the guides who’ll be at your service to help you know more about the route you’re touring. Each route in Rout-e has several Points of Interests (POIs), with corresponding YouTube videos and Wiki articles attached to each POI. And if you like viewing images more, Rout-e brings Picasa images for those POIs, All in all, it’s a complete audiovisual guide who facilitates a fun-filled yet informative journey for you.

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