Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Project World Tour - A Journey To Roots Through Routes

Amanda was feeling damn nostalgic today. It has been 13 years since she walked on the route to her alma mater. She could actually see a calico of her images, toying with her friends in bits and pieces, across that route. A short journey via that route rewinded her school-memories as if those were playing on a bioscope or something.

Was it with Amanda only? Or do we all share a special connection with routes? How many times have you seen yourself walking on those roads that were your inextricable companions to several destinations that you’d set from time-to-time? In fact, even if you replay your good old college days, a major part of the nostalgic drive will inadvertently cast the routes you trod with your friends.

That’s how our memories are essentially wired. We could still connect with the route we took when we went to the school for the first time. We could still live over the excitement when our bulging bags leaned out to pave the way for light trendy bags, and school uniform transformed into fashionable attires and cool accessories in college. That nervous yet ambitious walk to the office. A surreal walk with the first date on a beach or some other romantic spot. Believe it or not, you have pictures of all these, and many more life-changing routes deeply ingrained in your sub-conscious.

In Project World Tour, we have endeavored to weave those all important routes, and several others, into a series of knowledge sharing postings across multitude of platforms. The aim here is to build a community of and for travelers where they go beyond sharing about places. Instead, the community will further magnify their sharing by talking about different routes that run through as veins in any city.

Not just that, contribution in the Project World Tour can fetch you some exciting takeaways that you can show off on your friends. We are on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, YouTube, and all the popular platforms. Just enter #ProjectWorldTour in the search boxes of your favorite social media site and join the league of the extraordinary travelers waiting for like-minded people like YOU.

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