Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Sports Fanatics and MediaAgility

MediaAgility holds a good news for all the sports lovers cum travelers. Any guesses? Ofcourse, it’s an app! Yes, it has information, we never compromise on that front!
Here it goes! The name of this app is Expediction Sports Fanatics. MediaAgility keenly considered the needs of Sports Travelers. Not only the app contains all kinds of Sports venues present on the globe, but the detailed information on them is sure to quench the thirst of Sports Travelers.
Arenas, Golf Clubs, Sea Surfing, Stadiums, Circuits, Ranges, Tracks and Sports Clubs among others form the broad categories in the app. Coming on the information, it  consists of Description, Address, Entrance, Size of venue, Era of the construction and Purpose of the venue. Not only that, a user gets answers to Why, When and How to go to the particular Sports venue, which leaves no scope for doubts and queries.
The features offered by ExpeDiction are unique and useful. There are various modes and views of app. While default mode goes from Map to Categories selection, user is free to go the other way round through ‘Magic Drill’. Like we bookmark the pages while reading, MediaAgility has introduced “Staples” in all the apps. Matchstix and Potpourri change the number of entities and information visible in one go. Like you maintain a travel book with experiences and comments, ED allows you to create and share notes on various entities. Plus, travelers can plan their trip with ‘My Journal’ and ‘Map’. 
ED Sports Fanatics has all the required features, views and modes to make it a comprehensive and useful package for all the Sports Fanatics. It is available on Android as well iOS. So, you can map a Sports tour today! What are you waiting for?

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