Friday, 21 February 2014

World History of Museums

The world history of museums is fascinating not only to historians and students but also to visitors as well. Museum visits take you back in history and get you introduced to kings and pharaohs, chariots and carts, guns and cannons. Know the golden World History of Museums and walk into the distant past. A Great Plan is all what takes you to World History of Museums! A journey with a lit candle!

Amazing Art
If you choose a weekend or a holiday for a visit to museum then you should be expecting rush and crowd. Most of the people get free time only on weekends or holidays to make a visit to museum with families and kids.

Museums often showcase themes that might interest you or that you might like to explore. If you happen to be a fan of George Washington or interested in knowing about the Civil Rights Movement in United States of America, then plan your visit around the time when Museums come up with such retrospectives. Don’t forget to do some research before you head towards a museum for the likely visit.

Museum visits give you the double joy of education and entertainment. Museums offer something useful to all kinds of visitors-families and kids, couples, researchers and students. Experience the unknown and know more the known with museums!

Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art and admire the beauty of the Gothic architecture. Explore the Vatican Museums in the Vatican City, Rome. Appreciate the beautifully decorated Sistine Chapel of the Vatican Museums painted by Michelangelo. Lost in the eyes of mesmerizing Mona Lisa in Louvre in Paris! Stop by the the Egyptian Museum in Cairo to make the Mummy return!

Mummy at Egyptian Museum
Last but not the least download the app ED World Historical Pedia to get a detailed information about all the renowned museums of the world, their location, entry timings and accordingly plan your visit. Know about other historical places across the world with ED World Historical Pedia.

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