Friday, 15 March 2013

Edutainment - How It Touches Our Lives?

The world is swooning by the concept of edutainment, and so are we. Edutainment has become the new buzzword these days, capturing the attention of everyone, from a 24-months old child to a 60-year-old business tycoon. And how?

It is because this unintentional and informal way of gaining knowledge is way more interesting that the conventional ways. And here learning is not just limited to gaining enough knowledge to pass the examinations, it is much larger than that. Countries these days are using means of edutainment to spread awareness about various fatal diseases and social issues like cancer and women abuse respectively. Movie makers and software developers now-a-days come up with entertaining products that help attract and maintain the audience, while blending in some deliberate message or sort of knowledge.

The consumer is more aware now- more aware of where he is going, what is he consuming, and what can be the possible outcomes of what he does. This is because he is open to learning now-- condition being it isn’t boring anyways! Products are being marketed in a way that the consumer trusts them completely, and gets important message in a much lighter manner. And hence, companies are raking in profits simply by presenting the consumers with sources that make sure we learn a lot while getting amused. Media has played a vital role in expanding this concept to every nook-and-corner of the world. Majority of computer games being developed these days ensure the same, and become instant hits with the people playing them. And the schools, where the future scientists and doctors of the Earth spend a major part of their day, have also come up with creative learning strategies that do not let children surround by boring vibes while going to schools.

That said, edutainment has a bright future ahead. And it is here to remain-growing bigger by the second!

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